Tax Law

Tax is a payment that each state receives from the citizen and employee in return for service. Everyone is subject to the obligation to pay taxes, but unfortunately there are irregularities in some cases. As a result of these irregularities, some grievances are experienced. Our law firm, led by Muhammet Gökhan Kılıç, is an office that provides services in many branches of law as well as tax law. It works with full integrity in tax law.

What is Tax Law?

Tax law is a branch of law that examines the tax obligations of individuals. It also examines the relationship between the state and the citizen and determines by law. It discusses what rights the state has about tax debtors and what the debtors can do in this process.

Why Tax Attorney Required?

It is not compulsory to hire a lawyer in our country. However, as the legal process is very complicated and difficult to follow, a lawyer is required in every case. The fact that tax law is very complicated and the legal process is handled differently by other tax practitioners causes taxpayers to get heavier penalties. In our law firm, our expert lawyer and financial advisor work together and manage the litigation process together.

The court evaluates and decides accordingly in accordance with the law and the constitution with respect to the accounting aspect of the case. Our lawyers and expert staff working in our law firm under the leadership of Muhammet Gökhan Kılıç agree on the legal process. This is an important detail since tax law involves both a financial process and a legal process.

What is the Tax Attorney’s Fee?

The biggest mistake made in tax cases in our country is to try to manage the process with other tax personnel instead of getting help from an expert lawyer. As tax law is a wide and demanding branch of law, expert lawyer assistance is essential. The size of the tax case and the type of case are the factors affecting the attorney’s fees.

Muhammet Gökhan Kılıç leads the law firm and provides consultancy services. You can call our law firm for a fee and request an appointment. In particular, in lawsuits, the lawyer must be involved in order to check compliance with the Constitution and the law. We continue to serve with our lawyers who are specialized in their fields and who have experience in the field of tax law.