Criminal law

Criminal law is a branch of public law that determines crimes and punishments. The state retains this authority to ensure social welfare and to ensure the safety of its citizens. This is determined by law.

What is the criminal law?

Criminal law is divided into general and private. General criminal law examines the concept of crime, the punishment foreseen for offenses and the reasons that reduce and eliminate the punishment. Special criminal law, on the other hand, determines the scope and boundaries of the offenses by dealing with criminal acts one by one. It also examines the penalties for these crimes. Criminal law is a special branch of law. Muhammet Gokhan Kilic led our law firm with our expert lawyer staff in the field of criminal law.

Does Criminal Law Only Include Penalties?

Criminal law is a very comprehensive branch of law. It is a branch of law that investigates the punishment that constitutes a crime and also works in the field of reintegration of the persons who are sentenced to the society after conviction. The criminal lawyer must be an expert in the field when investigating. Experience and knowledge are required to collect evidence and to protect the rights of the person. Muhammet Gokhan Kilic led our law firm with the experience of criminal cases and lawyers who have enough information about the criminal law continues to serve.

The lawyers of our law firm under the leadership of Muhammet Gökhan Kılıç are experts in the field who do not miss the smallest details and know the legal procedure well. This is a very tiring process for the perpetrator and his family, and without a lawyer, this process cannot be healthy. Even if an individual commits a crime, everyone is innocent until this decision is upheld by the upper court. Our law firm acts in accordance with this principle and does not spare its support to the individual and his family.

What are Criminal Attorney Fees?

As criminal law is a special and demanding branch of law, it differs from other branches of law. The nature of the crime carried to the court determines the fees. The fee for each criminal lawyer is different, so you must make an appointment with our law firm and have a one-on-one meeting with our lawyer. Our law firm works in line with human and ethical values. Every explanation required for the legal procedure is made to you and the power of attorney is initiated. You can visit our website and request an appointment to get information about our law firm under the leadership of Muhammet Gökhan Kılıç.