Real Estate Law

Gayrimenkul Hukuku

To supervise the real estate purchases of domestic and foreign real and legal persons, to conduct risk analysis for real estate before the purchase, to oversee the purchase and sale and money transfers during the purchase process,
To arrange construction contracts against land share (floor), to amend the existing contracts or to manage the legal process required for cancellation,
To provide legal support for the realization of the Real Estate Sales Promise Contract before the notary public, to ensure that the contract made is annotated to the records of the land registry office, and to manage the legal process necessary for the execution and cancellation of the contract,
Providing legal support to the establishment and abolition of usufruct and Sunnah rights,
To make necessary legal initiatives for the exercise of the right to prejudice, to take precautionary measures and to initiate lawsuits and to follow them,
To terminate the unjust occupation and to open and follow trial cases of retaliation,
Follow-up, conclusion and management of execution and sales process between partners and public
Follow-up and termination of deed cancellation and registration cases and muvazaa cases,
Monitoring and finalizing rent determination, adaptation and eviction cases,
Settlement of disputes arising from condominium ownership, follow-up and finalization of land share adaptation lawsuits