Administrative Law

Administrative law is a branch of law that includes the rules regarding the structure, functioning of the administration and the regulation of the functions performed by the administration.

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What is Administrative Law?

Administrative law is a branch of law that is defined in the constitution and includes rules for regulating the activities and functions of the administration. It balances the privileges granted to the public and the rights granted to the individual. It is a branch of law that is necessary for the supervision of the activities carried out for the better functioning and progress of the administrative mechanism. The sections within the scope of administration are as follows:

Special Provincial Administration, Municipalities, Village, University, TRT, Professional organizations and other public legal entities.

What does an administrative law attorney do?

Administrative law attorney performs the following actions:

It makes the necessary application procedures to the administration and presents the necessary objections.

It sues the cancellation of administrative proceedings and makes the follow-up of the case.

It opens a full jurisdiction for damages caused by the fault of the administration.

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Process in Administrative Litigation

First, the damages that occur in the compensation case in which the defendant is administered must be determined. If the cause of the damage detected is administrative action, the case should be filed within 1 year of the situation being learned. If the cause of the damage is administrative or administrative contract, the case should be filed within 60 days of the situation being learned.