Company Law

Trade has shown a great spread across the country and internationally. Therefore, there has been a need to establish commercial courts, dealing with trade cases. Commercial lawsuits are cases that are limited by the Turkish Commercial Code and some other laws.

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Commercial cases are brought before the Commercial Courts in that region. If there is no Commercial Court in the place where the case will be held, the commercial case will be heard by the Civil Court of First Instance. In commercial litigation, both security and prompt resolution are required. For the resolution of disputes in this field, the knowledge and skills of the defense authority are as important as the qualifications of the courts. Lawyers specializing in commercial lawsuits are competent to prevent possible damage to their client. Commercial cases are handled under several headings in scope.

What is Absolute Commercial Litigation?

Absolute Commercial Cases, Article 4/1 of the Turkish Commercial Code. item. In such cases, the cases considered as commercial regardless of whether the parties are commercial or not are called Absolute commercial cases. In order for a case to be included in the Absolute commercial scope 4/1. or in special laws.

What are Relative Commercial Cases?

4/1 of the Turkish Commercial Code. is described. In the event that both parties are commercial enterprises, commercial lawsuits are called relative commercial lawsuits. In cases considered to be relative commercial, both parties must be traffickers, and the dispute should concern the business of both parties.

In addition, lawsuits filed in cases where only one party is a business enterprise are cases where one party is a business enterprise. This is often a case of intellectual property rights.

Commercial Lawyers

In parallel with the branching in law, the courts were established to deal with cases with different characteristics. Commercial Courts are one of these courts. The courts that deal with commercial disputes are experts in their fields. However, as in all areas of law, commercial lawsuits contain procedures that can confuse. A mistake made at this point will cause the course of the case to go negative. As ÇAĞ Law Office, we carry out necessary procedures on behalf of our client with our experience in commercial lawsuits. In this way, we prevent our client from wasting time.