Enforcement Law

Execution law, which is one of the main subjects of Commercial Law, is evaluated within the scope of enforcement and bankruptcy law. Enforcement is a sanction that applies to individuals or organizations that do not voluntarily pay the debt. In addition to being a comprehensive issue, the concept of execution is a process in which every transaction has a meaning and there is no return from these transactions. For this reason, it is necessary to obtain information from institutions or persons experienced in execution. The steps to be taken as a result of the information and evaluation received should be determined.

Our law firm under the leadership of Muhammet Gökhan Kılıç deals with commercial law, enforcement and bankruptcy law and all lawsuits in this context and obtains quality results. Our office has an experienced and experienced staff.

Official Basis of the Process in Execution Law

The essence of enforcement law is based on the collection of the receivable. Failure of the debtor to pay the debt in the legal period reveals the enforcement law. According to the Execution and Bankruptcy Law, the non-payment of the debt within the period given by the creditor gives the right to intervene in the enforcement law. Enforcement law is the provision of state or private debts. According to the execution and bankruptcy law, the person who is creditor has the right to demand the claim.

Short Term Transactions in Execution Law

In our Law Office led by Muhammet Gökhan Kılıç, we are dealing with execution, business, trade, real estate and all kinds of commercial cases. We fulfill the legal procedures in a short time and we resolve your debt collection without dragging. We apply all the opportunities provided by the law for the collection of your commercial or personal receivables and we ensure that you can solve your debt collection cases without problems.

Methods of Solving Execution Issues

Issues such as enforcement and foreclosure fall within the scope of heavy issues in terms of individuals. The approach and goodwill of the executioners is of great importance in terms of persuasion. Muhammet Gökhan Kılıç has a team of lawyers who are sensitive, attentive and respectful.

You can apply to our office for all kinds of execution, bankruptcy and labor law cases. Your problematic enforcement cases and liquidation cases are within the scope of our law office, led by Muhammet Gökhan Kılıç. You can get high quality and clear information from your attorney’s office about your receivables collection transactions, problematic deed collections and all issues.