Consumer Law

Although our country is a country of democracy dominated by legal rules, there are many individuals in society who do not know their rights. There are various branches of law for people who do not know their rights in the fields of economic, sociocultural, health and safety. One of these legal rules is consumer law.

It provides solutions in consumer law, shopping, health and security issues and enables you to direct your life in line with your rights. Like any branch of law that complies with the principle of the rule of law, consumer law is a law that recognizes the rights of individuals as superior. The consumer is the entire population of a country. It is easy for the consumer who knows his rights to fight the unfair situation he has experienced and has the right to sue for material and moral compensation in order to ensure justice.

Areas of Activity of our Law Office

Consumer law, labor law, commercial law, law enforcement and bankruptcy law in the field of law office opened in Sanliurfa province. The lawsuits are handled in all matters mentioned in our office and solutions are offered for all who have problems. In our office, we provide all kinds of legal services and solution oriented approach to problems. Our office provides a successful teamwork and examines the issue in detail and provides a solution without skipping any details.

Litigation Processes

Consumer law is a branch of law that acts to protect the rights of individuals. While the concept of time is important in consumer law, attention should be paid to time to protect the right. For example, in the case of a purchased product, the invoice and the invoice date are important details. Our law office staff, led by Muhammet Gökhan Kılıç, will deal with your injustice or loss of rights in full detail and act within the scope of laws to prevent your victimization.

Seeking Solutions in Consumer Law

People need to know their rights before they can object to an issue that threatens their interests or is unfair. Muhammet Gökhan Kılıç led by the Law Office in accordance with the provisions of the law in our work for the benefit of the person and act in accordance with the principles of goodwill, regardless of which subject is causing any objection to the grievance of people. We stand by you for all kinds of material and moral compensation. You can get service from our Law Office for all kinds of grievances within the scope of consumerism.