Inheritance Law

Inheritance is one of the most important problems of law. The law governing the sharing of the remaining assets of a deceased or missing person is called inheritance law. The inheritance law is included in the civil law in our country. Particularly, if a large asset remains, shares are often more problematic and referred to the courts.

What are the lawsuits concerning the law of inheritance?

There are different kinds of cases in inheritance law and we provide experienced and professional services in all of these cases. The types of cases covered by inheritance law are as follows:


Detection case

Elimination of the partnership case

Savings cancellation case

Tenkis case

Equalization case

Cases related to the abduction of goods from the inheritance

Rationale for inheritance

Muris cases

Inheritance lawsuits arising from dispute-free judicial proceedings

Who are Legal Heirs?

Inheritance law requires certain conditions to become an heir. Our law firm under the leadership of Muhammet Gökhan Kılıç protects the rights of our customers by using the rules of law to the finest detail in terms of assignment of heirs and protection of the rights of the heirs. In the inheritance law, heirs are listed as follows:

First-order heirs: these are the lower descendants of the inheritor, the lower descendants are children, grandchildren and their descendants if they are not alive.

Second-degree heirs: second-degree heirs are the parents of the inheritors, if they also died before the heir, this time their brothers come into play.

Third degree heirs: the grandfather and grandfather of the inheritor are considered third degree heirs.

What is a testament?

The will constitutes an important place in inheritance law. Anyone who is 15 years old and has a mental capacity can write a will that describes the sharing of inheritance. The person who will leave the inheritance can prepare his will either formally or by hand. There will be some legal reasons for the will to be valid.

We provide legal support in all matters so that the wills will be valid. In addition, we protect the legal rights of our customers who have suffered from unjust shares due to wills until the end. In addition, we provide the highest level of legal support in all matters related to the will, such as rejection, withdrawal, waiver of inheritance and inheritance agreement.

Other Issues

In the inheritance law, but not known, we provide the necessary services professionally in matters of many loss of rights. As the Muhammet Gökhan Kılıç-led Çağ Law Office, we offer the most accurate and honest services to our customers in all matters such as division of inheritance, deprivation of inheritance, withdrawal from inheritance, opening of testament, inheritance partnership, right of inheritance in case of divorce, issuance of inheritance, and litigation.