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The law which deals with the disputes between the employer and the employer is called Labor Law. Such cases shall be heard in the Labor Courts, but in the absence of the Labor Court, they shall be heard in the Civil Court of First Instance. Labor Law has laws that protect both the worker and the employer. The employee and the employer are obliged to fulfill their obligations in the contract.

In general, workers ‘wages, workers’ rights, working conditions, employer-worker relations, collective bargaining, right to strike and individual contract are cases that are dealt with within the scope of Labor Law. The lawyers specializing in these cases are Labor Law attorneys. The law firm led by Muhammet Gökhan Kılıç does not allow any loss of rights of his client.

What is Notice Compensation?

The amount of severance pay described in the labor law varies according to the employee’s working time.

Legally, a worker who has worked less than 6 months in a workplace must be informed of the termination of his employment contract two weeks earlier.

Notification of the contract of a worker who worked in the same work place for 6 months to 1,5 years, 4 weeks before the termination of the contract,

The employee who has worked in the same workplace for 1.5 to 3 years must be informed 6 weeks in advance that the employment contract will be terminated. These termination periods are determined by law. If the employer terminates his / her job without informing the employee within the time period stipulated by law, the employee shall have the right to open notice compensation.

At this point, the Labor Law attorney, who fulfills the necessary procedures on behalf of the labor court, ensures that the process is shortened.

What is severance pay?

In case the employee resigns in some cases, he is entitled to severance pay. These,

Health reasons,

Cases that do not comply with the rules of ethics and goodwill and the like,

Compelling reasons are stated as.

In addition, as the name implies, severance pay is calculated according to the employee’s seniority. A worker must be working in the same workplace for at least 1 year.

Together with these,

Military service




In such cases, the person is entitled to severance pay.

What Does a Lawyer Do?

As Muhammet Gökhan Kılıç’s law firm, we prevent the loss of rights of our clients and prevent the prolongation of the court process with our expert lawyers who have mastered the legislation.